Well I have been working on moving into my new classroom this week. It is a lot of work moving from one room to another! I didn't realize how much stuff I had!

This is just a preview of some of the cute ways I am making my classroom feel older this year. Keeping with the theme of zebra print, I covered my bulletin boards in black paper and then used ribbon from Walmart as the border. It came out so cute, that I decided to do a border around the white board too! (Since I couldn't staple, I just adhered some magnet tape to the back of the ribbon and snapped it around the edge of the board.)
Across the top of my white board is a thin strip of bulletin board and I never really use it. So I decided to decorate it and got the tissue paper idea from this pin on pinterest
I used 3 packs of tissue paper cut into quarters and scrunched them up.
My wonderful little sister helped me with all my great classroom decorating! (And my moving as well...she is really the best!)
The calendar set is wild style from Carson Dellosa. See it here. They have a lot of cute products that really go with my theme this year.

This is another bulletin board we decorated. (And also the window sill across the top couldn't be left out.) I can't wait to start getting everything up!

....and we decided my easel needed a touch of animal print as well....
How cute is that zebra print rug?? I got it at Target on clearance for $49. It was well worth it and it really makes the classroom pop.

More pictures to come as I keep moving in and making the room my own! :)

I originally made these graphic organizers for second grade common core curriculum. But they are super cute and will definitely be useful in third grade too. I found that when teaching main idea, the visual image of the main idea being a table top and the details being the supporting legs really helped my students. So I thought, why not make a graphic organizer that actually looks like a table? Hopefully this concept will help your students too.

Click on any of the below pictures for a direct link to the free product.


Download it for free at my teacherspayteachers store. Be sure to follow me for more third grade resources throughout the year. Let me know how you use these in your classroom!
One thing I don't like about newsletters I have found online is that they are not editable. So I decided to make a newsletter for teacherspayteachers that is based in powerpoint. It is really easy to edit--all you have to do is insert a text box! What's even better? It's FREE!! :)
Here is a preview of some of the months...

Visit my teacherspayteachers store for more of my products!

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