Ultimate Multiplication Pack

Sometimes you just need some extra resources, especially for multiplication! It is such an important skill for students to learn! (Especially in third grade!) I created this *Ultimate* Multiplication Pack for just that reason. I needed more resources so I could practice multiplication daily with my students.  Take a peek below. Be sure to head over to my store to see a full preview.

These timed memorization drills are available for 0-12. I give them to my students every Friday. They have to answer all 20 correctly in one minute. They start with a x0 test and try to move up to x12 by the end of the year. We make flash cards if students get stuck on any number. This really helps increase their multiplication fluency! (And let's be honest--memorizing multiplication facts in third grade can really make students' lives easier as they learn other math skills! Multiplication is such an important foundation for everything students will do in 4th grade and beyond!) I start these timed tests as soon as I introduce multiplication in mid fall and we do it every Friday until testing. (Want to save paper? Print two copies to a sheet!)

108 Task Cards! (There are a mixture of seasonal and non seasonal cards.)

Posters to teach multiples! (0-9)

My favorite game to play with my whole class is I have, Who has? This is a great skill to practice with multiplication. This resource includes 24 Game Cards. (Aren't these Dot Dudes by Sarah Pecorino just adorable? Your students will enjoy their silly faces and expressions. They are some of my favorite new pieces of clip art!)

There are also assessments and worksheets to practice word problems. Learn more and see the full preview here!

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