Irregular Plural Nouns Pack

Are you looking for some activities to do with your students while learning about irregular plural nouns? This can be a tricky concept. This resource offers a lot of practice. Your students will get to match singular and irregular plural nouns while playing memory. They will also get to play I Have, Who Has, as a class! This is such a fun whole group way to practice any skill. Students are always listening and engaged waiting for it to be their card! This resource also includes 4 worksheets that you can use as practice pages or assessment. Finally, it has four creative writing challenges where students are given a list of irregular plural nouns to incorporate into a story! Take a peek at the preview below, then get it here at my TpT store!

Learn about irregular plural nouns using these fun activities! Memory cards, creative writing challenges, and I have Who Has game cards.
58 Memory/Matching Cards

 24 I have, Who has cards?

 4 Assessment/Practice pages

 4 Creative Writing Challenges

Get it here!

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