My Common Core Math Centers are super versatile and can be used in so many ways to support your instruction! In this blog post, I will talk about the different ways I use these standards-aligned centers!

I love to use them as independent practice in my students math notebooks and then add them to my center rotation when they are ready to practice and use them as games. These centers cover EVERY common core math standard! AND they include I Can statements for each standard as well! This helps keep students focused on the skill they are practicing.
This is a picture of one of my students using the center as independent practice in her notebook. During small group math, I practiced this skill with her, then when she was ready, I mixed up the cards and she glued them down in her notebook.

 You can also have your class glue down just the questions and then have students write in the answers with pencil. Then, after you have checked their notebook, you can give them the answer sheet to cut out and glue in their notebooks.

You can print the center two sheets to a page so there isn't a lot of paper waste during the cut and paste part of the lesson.
Once my class was more comfortable with the skill, I put the laminated centers in bags and added them to my rotations. My favorite thing about these centers are that the standards and the I Can statement are right there on the cover. That way, students (and administrators--or anyone who walks in) know what skills they are working on.

Students can play the centers as just simple matching. I have also seen students play the center with a partner where one partner has questions, and the other partner has answers. They work together to figure out how to match the pieces.
  Or students can make it into a memory game by flipping the cards over.

Available in two styles--black and white polka, or black and white polka dot with yellow flower accent.

After two years in third I am moving back to second grade this year. So I have created some free I can statements. They are black and white polka dot and you can get them here.

As always, please visit my facebook page for product updates throughout the year. (Just click the link in the sidebar.) I will still be making more third grade products, but will likely be adding more second grade resources to my store as well!

If you haven't seen my CC Math Centers yet, check them out today. You can get centers for the entire year for only $12 and all centers are completely aligned with CC math standards. They are available for first, second, third, and fourth grades.
Teachers have the summer off and we don't do anything but sit on the beach and put our feet in the ocean, right? Well, no not really. Whether people believe us or not, the summer is usually filled with preparation for the next school year and probably some professional development as well.

So while I hope you all are sitting around soaking up the sun and getting rejuvenated, I know it is likely that you are scouring the internet for things that will make your life easier in just a couple months. So I present to you my common core math centers!

I first posted my third grade common core math centers for sale about a year ago and could not believe all of the great feedback I got. I created them for my own classroom, trying to keep prep work to a minimum. I am so pleased that teachers are using these centers and I am even more pleased that the simplicity of them has made their lives easier! I was so happy to be making teachers' lives easier, that I decided to create these centers for 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th grade as well. So check them out and share with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade friends! Summer is a great time to get them ready for the school year (although I promise they are really easy to set up!)

Great feedback from teachers like you!

 "This will make my life so much easier as I implement math centers for the first time."

 "Easy to prep, easy to store, easy to use, engaging, they're learning. Many applications A+++"

"I am very pleased with this purchase! Wonderful centers and all are cited using the common core standards! Thank you!"

"Prepping for centers will no longer be a thorn in my side once I start using these self-checking resource!"

"Here is a jackpot of great resources!!! Thank you for all the great work put in this. I can't wait to put these together for my students!!"

"THIS RESOURCE IS AMAZING!!! I have used it almost daily since buying it. Group activities, small group, whole group, remediation.....I love them!!!!!"

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Wow, it has been such a busy year so far! I haven't been updating my blog like I'd like to because I am pregnant! I am having a little boy in May, and I am so excited. I hope you all are having a great school year.

I have recently added a few new products. If you are a fan of my third grade math products then you will love my new 3rd Grade Daily Common Core Math Problems! 
This product is great to use as problem of the day, or end of year review before testing! There is a 48 page preview on teacherspayteachers.

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