Summertime prep!

Teachers have the summer off and we don't do anything but sit on the beach and put our feet in the ocean, right? Well, no not really. Whether people believe us or not, the summer is usually filled with preparation for the next school year and probably some professional development as well.

So while I hope you all are sitting around soaking up the sun and getting rejuvenated, I know it is likely that you are scouring the internet for things that will make your life easier in just a couple months. So I present to you my common core math centers!

I first posted my third grade common core math centers for sale about a year ago and could not believe all of the great feedback I got. I created them for my own classroom, trying to keep prep work to a minimum. I am so pleased that teachers are using these centers and I am even more pleased that the simplicity of them has made their lives easier! I was so happy to be making teachers' lives easier, that I decided to create these centers for 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th grade as well. So check them out and share with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade friends! Summer is a great time to get them ready for the school year (although I promise they are really easy to set up!)

Great feedback from teachers like you!

 "This will make my life so much easier as I implement math centers for the first time."

 "Easy to prep, easy to store, easy to use, engaging, they're learning. Many applications A+++"

"I am very pleased with this purchase! Wonderful centers and all are cited using the common core standards! Thank you!"

"Prepping for centers will no longer be a thorn in my side once I start using these self-checking resource!"

"Here is a jackpot of great resources!!! Thank you for all the great work put in this. I can't wait to put these together for my students!!"

"THIS RESOURCE IS AMAZING!!! I have used it almost daily since buying it. Group activities, small group, whole group, remediation.....I love them!!!!!"

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