How do you use your centers?

How do you use these centers?? I love to use them as independent practice in my students math notebooks and then add them to my center rotation when they are ready to practice and use them as games. These centers cover EVERY common core math center! AND they include I Can statements for each standard as well!

This is a picture of one of my students using the center as independent practice in her notebook. During small group math, I practiced this skill with her, then when she was ready, I mixed up the cards and she glued them down in her notebook.

 You can also have your class glue down just the questions and then have students write in the answers with pencil. Then after you have checked their notebook, you can give them the answer sheet to cut out and glue in their notebooks.

You can print the center two sheets to a page so there isn't a lot of paper waste during the cut and paste part of the lesson.
Once my class was more comfortable with the skill, I put the laminated centers in bags and added them to my rotations. My favorite thing about these centers are that the standards and the I Can statement are right there on the cover. That way, students (and administrators) know what skills they are working on.

Students can play the centers as just simple matching, or they can make it into a memory game by flipping the cards over. I have even seen students play the center with a partner where one partner has questions, and the other partner has answers. They work together to figure out how to match the pieces.
I store most of the centers in quart sized bags and keep them in a tub. As we learn more and more standards, I add them to the tub. During small group rotations, students practice the various skills they have learned this year. It's a great way to keep the standards fresh in their minds all year.

If you don't want to print in color, just select "Print in grayscale" in your print options.

Scroll down to read about the Many Ways to Play!

Remember, these are available for first-fifth grades!

Here's a sampling of what types of centers are included!

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