I created this skeletal system resource after struggling to find something like this for my own class. You can use the unit around Halloween time to make your own skeletons, or you can use it any time of year to teach about the skeletal system. This is one of my favorite fall activities. Students see skeletons all the time, especially in October. But in my experience, they are always shocked to find out there is one inside of them! Side note--If you spend a lot of time covering the skeletal system in your class, you should grab your own mini skeleton around Halloween. I have seen them at Target, Walmart, and Michaels every year!

Scroll down to take a look at what's included in this resource!

Included are 12 bone matching cards,

a bone matching quiz (and answer key), 

 an article with questions,

and a skeleton students can cut apart and put together.


You can also use the bone matching cards to create an interactive pocket chart with a completed skeleton. This is a small pocket chart to give you an idea of the size. (It was a $1 snag at the Target Dollar Spot!)

You can get this resource HERE.

Learn all about the skeletal system with these activities! Students will put together a skeleton, read an article and answer questions, plus will learn bones! You can use the flashcards as an interactive pocket chart, or as a matching game!

What do you do when all of your end of year testing is finished and you still have weeks to keep your students busy and learning?

At the end of the year I always try to find ways to make the days go by faster! I love to buy a couple bottles of some cheap shaving cream and spray a little bit on all my students desks. They can spread the cream out and write words, practice math...you can pretty much incorporate anything! Not to mention how clean it makes their desks and how great my room smells after! The best part is that there really is no clean up. If they keep writing and rubbing the shaving cream eventually disappears! We take a quick wet paper towel across our desks and its good as new!
How are you hanging in there these last few weeks?
I really enjoyed working on this product. I learned so much about Madagascar and the animals that live there. I bet your students have some of the same misconceptions I do...especially after watching the Disney movies! :) Do they think giraffes, lions, zebras and hippos live there? Use this resource, full of high interest articles, to teach your students about the really neat animals that do live there! This will be a great supplement to any unit using informational texts. See some of what is included below...

Check out the video preview!

The articles are given with and without text features. This will give your students the opportunity to create their own text features. It is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of text features and how they help us better understand what we are reading. 

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