3rd Grade Guided Math

This post is a brief overview of what is included in my 3rd Grade Guided Math bundle. If you'd like to learn more about how I teach Guided Math in my classroom, check out this post!

Okay, back to this post. I am so excited to tell you about my Guided Math bundle. I included so much, because it is my goal to give you everything you need so you can feel empowered to successfully implement Guided Math in your classroom! I hope this resource can save you a lot of time. With all of your lesson plans written, and resources gathered in one place, this will help you gain back some of your precious free time this school year!

Guided Math for Third Grade is composed of 15 units divided into four quarters. The units range anywhere from 1 week long to 4 weeks long, depending on the standard(s) being covered. There are 8 weeks of lesson plans for each quarter. (If you work in a traditional school, this will leave you one week for review or test prep each quarter. You can also use that extra week as a buffer week because we all know interruptions happen that get you off track.) Check out the year at a glance below
Click the images above to see the pacing guides for Common Core and for TEKS. ALL Common Core standards are covered. Learn more about TEKS correlation here.

Third Grade Guided Math is intended for small group instruction done by the teacher. These lessons are designed to be done as targeted instruction in a group setting, but teachers may choose to use some of the materials in whole group lessons as well. Need to edit your lesson plans? There is a separate file that includes all of the plans in an editable format.

Want to download a free sample day from my Guided Math Curriculum? This includes a lesson plan, practice page, and extension activity! Click on your grade level:

Vocabulary cards, definitions, and questions from the lessons are provided to display. You can put these in a pocket chart, or have them out on the table while you are teaching a lesson.
Printables are intended to be used to support instruction and provide students with hands on tools, posters, templates, and more that can help them understand whatever topic you are covering.
A practice page is included for each day and covers the objective taught this day. Use this during your small group lesson to check for understanding, or make it a part of your rotations!
Extension activities are also included for each day. These can be used after students have been taught the day's lesson. You can add them to your rotations or centers.
 Additional resources are provided to support your instruction. These resources vary from foldables, to games, to extra practice.

One of my favorite things in the Guided Math units are the unit overviews. Try color coding how well your class did with a lesson as you teach them. Save every unit overview and when its time to review for state testing, you know exactly what objectives to spend the most time reinforcing.

The Guided Math Bundle includes a Teacher Handbook & Overview. Inside you can find these unit reflection sheets. They are a great place to take notes and reflect on your teaching as you teach the units. Put down areas you want to review, things you want to do different next year, etc... This is also something you can use to show your administrator that you reflect on your teaching practices!
The Guided Math bundle has Student Graphs that you can use to allow students to graph their pre and post assessment scores to track their growth. There is also a generic graph that you can use to track scores from any math assessment you give.

Buy the 3rd Grade Guided Math Bundle HERE.
Click HERE to learn more about how I run Guided Math time in my classroom.


  1. When do you anticipate completing the bundle? So far, my kids are doing great with the rounding unit!!

  2. Hi Tabitha! I'm glad your students are enjoying the rounding unit! I have already uploaded the first six units. Look for the rest to be uploaded as I complete them. I will announce it on Facebook as I finish each unit. I intend that the bundle will be finished this fall!

  3. This looks like an amazing resource! Right now I am slowing trying to get my daughter to memorize those addition and subtraction facts... I love some of your hands-on ideas like the puzzle.

  4. Hi Cassandra!

    Thank you for the amazing resources! I have a quick question in regards to setting up guided math, this will be my first year teaching 3rd grade and our math block is only 1 hour long unfortunately. My third grade team also switches students for math meaning between all 5 of us third grade teachers, we divide students by levels and each teacher ends up getting a class of students all at a certain level. I would really like to have centers, so I am trying to figure out the best way to set guided math up. Thank you!

    1. Hi Paola! Since you only have one hour, I would have students come in and start with a problem of the day. This would help them get quietly settled in your room and you could spend about 5 minutes together solving the problem. Then, I would divide them into 3 groups and spend about 15 minutes with each small group. I would have centers for your other two rotations when students are not with you. That would leave about 10 minutes at the end of the hour block where you could have them clean up, come back together whole group, and address any class concerns with the objective from the day. You could also use that time to do a ticket out the door, practice page, or fluency as a group. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  5. Hi Cassandra,
    Do you have one on Place Value?

    1. Are you a TEKS teacher? If so, there is not a third grade place value unit. However, the fourth grade place value unit should align to your standards. Shoot me an email if you'd like more information. thriftyinthirdgrade@gmail.com


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