This post is a brief overview of what is included in my 4th Grade Guided Math bundle. If you'd like to learn more about how I teach Guided Math in my classroom, check out this post!

Okay, back to this post. I am so excited to tell you about my Guided Math bundle. I included so much, because it is my goal to give you everything you need so you can feel empowered to successfully implement Guided Math in your classroom! I hope this resource can save you a lot of time. With all of your lesson plans written, and resources gathered in one place, this will help you gain back some of your precious free time this school year!

Guided Math for Fourth Grade is composed of 15 units divided into four quarters. The units range anywhere from 1 week long to 5 weeks long, depending on the standard(s) being covered. There are 8 weeks of lesson plans for each quarter. (If you work in a traditional school, this will leave you one week for review or test prep each quarter. You can also use that extra week as a buffer week because we all know interruptions happen that get you off track.) Check out the year at a glance below.
 Click the images above to see the pacing guides for Common Core and for TEKS. ALL Common Core standards are covered. Learn more about TEKS correlation here. 

Guided Math is intended for small group instruction done by the teacher. These lessons are designed to be done as targeted instruction in a group setting, but teachers may choose to use some of the materials in whole group lessons as well.

Want to download a free sample day from my Guided Math Curriculum? This includes a lesson plan, practice page, and extension activity! Click on your grade level:

Vocabulary cards, definitions, and questions from the lessons are provided to display. You can put these in a pocket chart, or have them out on the table while you are teaching a lesson.

Printables are intended to be used to support instruction and provide students with hands on tools, posters, templates, and more that can help them understand whatever topic you are covering.
A practice page is included for each day and covers the objective taught this day. Use this during your small group lesson to check for understanding, or make it a part of your rotations!
 Extension activities are also included for each day. These can be used after students have been taught the day's lesson. You can add them to your rotations or centers.
Additional resources are provided to support your instruction. These resources vary from foldables, to games, to extra practice.

One of my favorite things in the Guided Math units are the unit overviews. Try color coding how well your class did with a lesson as you teach them. Save every unit overview and when its time to review for state testing, you know exactly what objectives to spend the most time reinforcing.

The Guided Math Bundles now include a Teacher Handbook & Overview. Inside you can find these unit reflection sheets. They are a great place to take notes and reflect on your teaching as you teach the units. Put down areas you want to review, things you want to do different next year, etc... This is also something you can use to show your administrator that you reflect on your teaching practices!
The Guided Math bundle now has Student Graphs that you can use to allow students to graph their pre and post assessment scores to track their growth. There is also a generic graph that you can use to track scores from any math assessment you give.

Buy the 4th Grade Guided Math Bundle HERE.

Click HERE to learn more about how I run Guided Math time in my classroom.
On the first day of school I like to read the story, A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams. This book is a Caldecott Honor book, and if you don't have this in your classroom library, you need to get it! This story is about a little girl, her mother, and her grandmother and how they work really hard to save money to get her mother a chair. They had previously lost their home and all their possessions in a fire.

The reason I read this book on the first day of school is because I like how the family works so hard to get this special chair. After reading the story, I talk to my students about how objects can be special to us and can be used to tell others about us. I then pull out my brown bag in which I have put 5 items to represent me. I share these items with my students and then give them each a brown bag to decorate. Then, they take it home and their homework that night is to find five (school appropriate) things to bring in to show the class as they tell about themselves. (Get your free printable to staple to the bags here.)

On the second day of school, throughout the day, I stop class and do bags. We learn so much about each other when sharing. Jasmine likes Strawberry Shortcake toys and so she brought in a small doll to represent that. She passes it around so her classmates can smell the doll's hair. Trashawn loves to play baseball so he brought in a glove and told us about his baseball team. Edward likes the color blue best so he brought a marker to represent his favorite color. Brianna has a pet dog, so she brought a dog collar and told us about her dog. Miracle has little brothers and sister so she brought a picture of them. It's one of my favorite activities of the year because you get to learn so much about your students. The kids learn what they have in common with each other and you get an insight into their home life!

You can see this book on YouTube.

If you are interested in adding this book to your library (which you TOTALLY should), here is the link.

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