I created this product so teachers would have an easy to use intervention binder. When I want to practice a skill with a student, I don't want to spend time digging around and trying to find activities to use. So, simply print the pages and store them in sheet protectors. (You can even do this with the sort pages. Instead of having students glue down the pieces for the sort, have them do it during one on one time with you and you can use this as an assessment piece. Then simply put the pieces back in the sheet protector.) The activities in this pack can be used as practice or as interventions.

Practice initial sounds, medial sounds, and ending sounds with these three activities. (There are five pages for each activity. So you get 15 initial sound pages, 15 medial, and 15 ending.)

Practice phoneme segmentation and blending, as well as identifying how many sounds are in a word.

Matching rhyming words helps set students up for learning fact families when they are ready for phonics.

2 Assessments are included as well.

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