Comprehension Quest™ -Lost in Space

Comprehension Quests are a fun way to practice nonfiction reading passages along with standards aligned reader response activities. You can use this quest to teach your students about space! After each passage, students will earn a clue that gets them one step closer to solving the quest!

I am so excited about this new resource! My first Comprehension Quest™! Let me tell you, I have had this idea rolling around in the back of my mind for awhile now! I am thrilled I am finally able to share it with you! I came up with this idea when I was trying to figure out how to get students excited to practice reading passages. With this era of testing, knowing how to tackle a reading passage is an important skill, but it can be very dry and boring. I knew students needed some type of motivation to keep them going as they practiced. High interest topics would help, but it would not be enough. They needed fun. They are kids after all. :) Let's not ever forget that! Then, came the idea for a Comprehension Quest.

What's a Comprehension Quest™?

A Comprehension Quest™ is a fun way to get students excited about practicing reading comprehension! More specifically-reading passages! Starting off with the hook video, students learn they have a quest to complete.

The hook video comes in wmv and MP4 format so you have two options for sharing.

If you can't share either format at school, its okay! The quest is also explained on a printable mission  sheet! Here, I printed it on brown card stock to give it an official look.

In this edition, students must find an astronaut who is lost in space.

Students will read 6 passages and complete standards aligned reader response activities. Each passage has 2-4 options for reader response sheets. That way you can differentiate your instruction! The standards covered range from second through fifth grade.

After each activity, they will earn a clue that will get them one step closer to solving the quest.

The clues help students eliminate possible locations on their chart. After the last clue they will be left with only one location!

Once they are finished with all six passage, activities, and have figured out where the astronaut is located, they turn in their location to you. If they are correct, they earn a fun certificate to color while everyone finishes!

Here's a look at which passages cover each standard.

You can really have a lot of fun with a Comprehension Quest! You can decorate your classroom, dress up like an astronaut, put glow in the dark stars around the room, or even play "Space Sounds" on YouTube to set the stage! The more excited you are about the quest, the more excited your students will be! They will feed off of your energy and excitement!

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