College Day

What are you doing to encourage your students to go to college? Some teachers call their students "scholars" instead of students. Some schools have graduation ceremonies for pre-k, kindergarten, or 5th grade. And while students may wear a cap and gown, do they really understand what it means to "graduate"? It is important to start talking about college at a young age, so students KNOW this is an option for them. Many students, especially those who come from lower income areas, don't think about college because of the costs. It's important for students to know there are options! (Loans, scholarships, technical careers, etc...) This unit is full of resources for lower and upper grades students. It includes posters, mini books, vocabulary, and much more! A "Road to College" poster will help your students see how their current actions can help keep them on the path!

Download the preview here to learn more!

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