Digital Math Games

Digital Math games are a really fun way for your students to practice math skills! I created these games to be SELF CHECKING to make teachers' lives so much easier! Here's how it works:

Students will click on any of the sea creatures to go to the questions. There are twenty different questions for students to answer.
Students will read the problem and tap on their answer. (If they've already solved that one, they can hit start to return to the sea creature slide.)
Once students click on an answer, they will be taken to one of two screens to tell them if they got the problem correct or incorrect.

A recording sheet is included for students to record their answers, AND color in a sea shell if they got it correct. They can turn it in to you when they are finished playing the game for accountability!

Here are some ways you can use these in your classroom:
•Independent Digital Math Centers on a tablet or iPad
•Independent Digital Math Center on a computer
•Whole Group by displaying on Interactive White Board
•Whole Group by displaying with a projector

These digital games work on any device with PowerPoint. You can also open them with Google Slides and view as a presentation to play the game.

If you'd like to make sure you can work these games on your devices in your classroom, download this Under the Sea Rounding game for FREE! 
If you like it, be sure to come back for my other Digital Math Games!

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