Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations are a great way to practice handwriting while you encourage and uplift your students. There are 180 sentences that you can use! Many teachers choose to cut them apart and do one sentence per day. Some have their students read them aloud to practice saying positive things about themselves. These are just one way to bring positivity into your classroom.  They are available in print and cursive. They also include alphabet pages so students can learn and practice their letters.

Don't have enough positive things to say about this! How school theme this year is growth mindset and not being so hard on ourselves for being imperfect. We break these up and do 3 or 4 positive affirmations a day. They practice writing them, reading them, and saying them to one another through out the day. This is an incredibly creative way to teach self-esteem and cursive! -Buyer Review

This is perfect for practicing cursive and encouraging positivity!! Thank you for a wonderful resource! -Buyer Review

SUCH a great way to incorporate cursive handwriting practice, while also reminding students that they are loved, valued, and appreciated! Some days, I pull these out just because we all need a pat on the back and a little self-love. -Buyer Review

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