Having Fun On Halloween Without Halloween

So here is your dilemma: You want to do something fun with your class on October 31st (because it's Halloween!), but there is at least one student who is not allowed to celebrate the holiday. This is very common in classrooms today! So, here are some Halloween-free alternative activities.

Do a Pumpkin Study

Your class can estimate how many seeds are inside the pumpkin when they do a pumpkin investigation.
https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Life-Cycle-of-a-Pumpkin-Freebie-Pumpkin-Study-Halloween-Freebie-4797940?utm_source=TITGBlogHalloweenPost&utm_campaign=PumpkinStudyFreebieLearn about the life cycle of a pumpkin and then cut one up with your class! (I like to do this with a BIG pumpkin!) You can have your students predict how many seeds are inside, then take turns scooping the seeds out onto newspaper or paper towels. Then, they can count their seeds up. You can write everyone's totals on the board and they can add up how many seeds were in the pumpkin. In my free mini unit, your students can learn about the life cycle using the mini book and spinning wheel. The pumpkin study worksheet is a perfect companion for dissecting pumpkins!

Learn about the Skeletal System

Your students will enjoy learning about the skeletal system.

The skeleton is often associated with Halloween, but many students don't even know that they have a skeleton inside of their body. I have a unit that allows students to put together a skeleton, learn a few bone names, and learn the role of the skeletal system in our bodies! Pair that with a couple interesting videos about the skeletal system, and your students will really be enjoying themselves!

Complete a Comprehension Quest

My "Halloween" Comprehension Quest is called Mystery Mansion. (However--it doesn't mention Halloween at all!) In the quest, students must use the clues to discover which room a special box is hidden in. If you've never tried one of my Comprehension Quests, you'll be surprised how easy they are to implement. Students read 6 nonfiction passages. After each passage, they complete a graphic organizer. Once you have checked it, you give them a clue. They use the clues and their elimination charts to solve the quest. The graphic organizers are differentiated covering grade level expectations from 2nd through 5th grades, so you can give your students something to do on their level. Check out the preview to learn more!

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You can still have fun with your students on October 31st without mentioning or celebrating Halloween. These activities are fun to teach your students about the life cycle of a pumpkin and the skeletal system. You can also complete a Comprehension Quest with your students where they will read non-fiction fall themed passages!

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