Rounding to the Nearest Ten Dice Blocks

Teaching your students how to round two-digit numbers to the nearest ten can be challenging. For some students, they either get it, or they don't. I created these rounding dice (and corresponding rounding chart) to help students who need more of a visual. This hands-on approach can also help your tactile learners!
A Hands-On Way to Learn How to Round to the Nearest Ten

The dice are color coded. First, students will roll a tens digit. (On this block, the digits are black.)  Students will place it on the number mat. Then, they will roll a ones digit. Red digits round up and blue digits round down.
These rounding dice or color coded to teach students when to round up and down.
There are a few different dice blocks to choose from as you are teaching your students about rounding. I have provided dice that are only for rounding down, only for rounding up, and a mixture of both. There are color and black and white options. The color is a great place to start as students are first learning. Eventually, they will be ready for the black dice and the black hundred chart. You can continue to use the color options to support your struggling learners.


Rounding to the Nearest Ten (Dice and Rounding Chart)
3rd Grade Guided Math -Unit 1 Rounding

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