Using a Guided Math Board

If you are lucky enough to have the space for it, a Guided Math board can be a great addition to your classroom. The board in my picture is 4 feet by 3 feet. However, you can still make a Guided Math board if you have a smaller space! Here are a few ways you can use the board.


You can hang a small pocket chart on your bulletin board and use it to organize vocabulary terms. I really like to always keep vocabulary in a small pocket chart because this allows me to take the cards down and use them during my lesson. I also can use it as an instructional tool by having students match the terms and definitions. This black pocket chart came from the Target Dollar Spot during back to school time. One thing I really like about it is the black pocket at the bottom. I am able to keep extra cards in there without having them show through like they would with a clear pocket.

Must Do/May Do Activities

If you are implementing Flexible Guided Math in your classroom (learn more here), then this is another place you can display your must do/ may do activities. If you change them often, simply put a bit of washi tape on the back of cards so you can easily switch them out. (Side note--everything on my board was put up with washi tape, except for the black background and pocket chart which I stapled. It is strong enough to hold everything up and makes it easy to switch things!)

Guided Math Posters

If you use my Guided Math units you can print off the vocabulary and posters for the unit and display them on your Guided Math board. Tip-don't display terms or posters that you haven't taught yet. Just add them to the board as you teach them.  You can also display anchor charts that you have created with your class!

Problem of the Day or Sample Problem 

You can also use a space to show example problems or even display a problem of the day. If you are in a testing grade, you can also print off test prep questions to put there. If you use my Guided Math units, you can display the questioning cards from the unit.

How do you use your Guided Math board in your classroom?

Looking for Guided Math Resources? These units have everything you need!

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