Building Multiplication Fluency

Throughout third grade, your students will learn many different math concepts. The most important thing they will be learning is multiplication. Building multiplication fact fluency in third grade is crucial to students being able to have success with math in later grades. While there are so many math concepts being taught during third grade, it is important to continuously be practicing multiplication facts with your students.

Here are some fun ways to build multiplication fluency

Interactive Notebook Pages

Students love to have flaps and use interactive notebooks. You can have your students write down products, equations, or even describe the different properties.
(The interactive notebook page pictured above is from Unit 5 of my 3rd Grade Guided Math series.)

Digital Games

Digital Math games are a fun, self-checking way to practice multiplication facts. In these games, students have an answer sheet where they record whether or not they got the problem correct.

Centers and Other Games

War is a super fun game to play with students as you practice multiplication. Just use multiplication flash cards to play. Grab some flash cards in the free download at the end of this post.
All of my 3rd Grade Guided Math units include fun hands on activities for students to practice standards.
(Pictured above is an extension activity from Unit 5 of 3rd Grade Guided Math.)
(Pictured above is one of my 3rd Grade Common Core Math Centers.)

I think it is very important to regularly time your students and have them take a fluency test. In my classroom, we did it every Friday morning after multiplication was introduced.

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