Regaining Control During Small Groups

Small group instruction can be one of the most beneficial times of the day. But, it can also be chaotic and stressful if it is not under control.

Do any of these sound like you or your class?
  • Your students are loud or off task during groups
  • Your students do not respect/listen when you redirect them
  • Your students are not productive during small groups, or they don't complete their work
  • You're considering doing away with small groups because you aren't sure it's worth it

I created this five day email sequence to help you regain control during small groups! Each day you will be emailed an actionable tip that you can implement in your classroom immediately. The tips will help you get your students to be part of the solution and get things calmed down. Small group instruction can help your students make huge gains and is a wonderful way to differentiate your instruction. However, it can only happen if things are under control. Sign up now to take back control in five days!

5 Days to Regaining Control
of Small Groups

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