3rd Grade Grammar

Teach grammar in just a few minutes each day! Interactive lessons, interactive notebooks, homework, and centers! Covers all third grade language standards for common core!

It can be hard to find time to teach grammar during the day, especially if you don't have a complete ELA curriculum that incorporates it. I created this year long resource to help teachers cover these language standards with just a few minutes every day.


The standards are broken down into nine units. (You can try unit 8 for FREE). Unit 9 is a review unit and includes 7 Interactive Reviews to practice the standards taught all year. It also includes a 13 page cumulative assessment.

The units include Interactive Lessons to help you teach the standards! These are PowerPoint Shows and can also be opened in Google Drive. All you have to do is open the show and teach! (Want to make sure the file type will work for you? Download the free unit to test it out!)

Also included in each unit are:
  • 4 half pages of homework PER week of instruction (a 2-week unit would have 8 pages of homework, while a 6-week unit would have 24 pages of homework)
  • Interactive lessons for each skill or topic introduced
  • Unit Assessments
  • Posters, Interactive Notebook Pages, and Centers!
The posters come in color and black and white options. You can print all of the posters for your students and have them glue them in a spiral notebook. Then, they have their own grammar guide book to reference all year!

 I print the pages scaled at 85% and then trim the edges so they fit perfectly in the notebook.

Love this paper cutter? I got it at Target. It comes with extra blades and it's super sharp! I haven't had to change out the blades yet and I've used it hundreds of times! It has guidelines to help you make the perfect cuts.

Once you have trimmed them, they fit perfectly without any sloppy overhang.

The 3rd Grade Language Units also include a variety of centers.

This word sort is a fun way to practice shades of meaning and word choice!

Each unit also includes interactive notebook pages so students can practice the skills!

Come visit my TpT store to learn more about this 650+ page bundle!

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