3rd Grade NGSS

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Third Grade Weather and Climate

This 3rd Grade Weather and Climate unit is fun way to teach your students about weather. It includes vocabulary, interactive notebook pages, activities, mini books, and other hands on opportunities for learning. Your students will love learning about the climates of the world, weather tables and graphs, weather tools, and solutions for weather hazards! The unit is easy to implement, and there are plenty of resources to choose from in the 130 page file. Download the huge preview here!
Third Grade Forces and Interactions

In this 3rd Grade Forces and Interactions unit, your students will learn about balanced and unbalanced forces, patterns in motion, magnetic and electric interactions, as well as using magnets as solutions to problems! Download the 42 page preview to this 140 page resource to learn more!

Third Grade Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

In this unit, your students will learn about why some animals live in groups, adaptations for survival, dealing with environmental changes, and fossils! This 170 page resource has mini books, interactive notebook pages, activities, hands on opportunities, and non fiction reading passages to help your students learn! Download the huge 47 page preview to learn more!

Third Grade Inheritance and Variation of Traits

In this unit, your students will learn about plant and animal life cycles, inherited traits, environmental influences on traits, as well as advantages for survival! This 180 page resource includes mini books for learning, vocabulary, hands on activities, interactive notebook pages, non fiction passages, and much more! Come download the 44 page preview to learn more!

Third Grade NGSS Bundle
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