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Are you ready to shop? The links below will take you to the year long Guided Math bundles. Each bundle has a HUGE preview that you can download to give you a good sense of what you are getting. The units within the bundles are also sold separately.

First Grade Guided Math is the most recent addition to my Guided Math series. This bundle will help you with every aspect of first grade math, from addition and subtraction, to counting and place value, right through geometry, word problems, measurement, time, and data! The curriculum is divided into nine units that can be rearranged for your convenience. SHOP IT HERE.
Second Grade Guided Math is broken down into twelve independent units. This bundle will guide you through the curriculum as you teach place value, addition and subtraction, mental math strategies, geometry, measurement, time, and money! The units are independent of each other and can be taught in any order your district requires. SHOP IT HERE.
Third Grade Guided Math is a huge, comprehensive curriculum that has everything you need for 3rd Grade Math! This resource has been updated many times over the years and I know you will love the units! There are so many topics covered in third grade math! The standards are divided among 15 independent units! The units can easily be rearranged to match your district's pacing. This bundle will guide you through rounding, addition and subtraction, & introducing multiplication and division concepts, before you dive deeper into that understanding with my Multiplication & Division applications unit! Students will learn SO much about fractions, along with elapsed time, line plots, capacity, and area and perimeter. What are you waiting for? SHOP IT HERE.
Fourth Grade Guided Math builds on so many of the concepts covered in third grade. With this 4th Grade curriculum, students will develop more rounding, adding, and subtracting skills. They will take their knowledge of multiplication and division to the next level as they begin working with larger numbers. Students will dive even deeper into their understanding of fractions as they begin adding, subtracting, and multiplying them. Students will also be introduced to decimals for the first time. New in fourth grade are the topics of lines and symmetry, as well as measuring angles. Finally students will continue to work with area, perimeter, and measurement. The curriculum is divided into fifteen independent units. SHOP IT HERE.
This is one of my favorite bundles. Fifth Grade Guided Math is a mixture of old and new concepts. Students continue learn more about place value, rounding, multiplication, and division. For the first time, students begin to learn about the order of operations and numerical expressions. Students will learn about coordinate planes, calculating volume, and line plots. Students will dive deeper with fractions and decimals as they learn more about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing them. The standards are divided into thirteen independent units that can be rearranged and taught in whichever order you need. SHOP IT HERE.

FAQ: What standards is the bundle aligned to?
The year long bundles in my TpT store are aligned to Common Core standards. TEKS standards that match up are provided as well. When you purchase a unit (or the whole bundle) there are separate files for Common Core and TEKS teachers. ALL Common Core standards are covered in my year long bundles. For more information about which TEKS standards are covered, check out this free download.

FAQ: Is this bundle aligned to "state standards"? 
Are you in a state that has "done away" with Common Core? Most states that have done this, have adopted their own standards called "state standards." These standards are usually almost identical to Common Core.

FAQ: Can I purchase just the _____ (vocabulary, extension activities, lesson plans, etc...)?
You can purchase each unit separately in my TpT store. (However, you will save the most buy purchasing the year long bundle.) The individual units are independent of each other and can be taught in any order! This is especially helpful if your district requires you to follow a certain pacing guide. Just rearrange the units as you need to. The actual components within the units, such as the vocabulary cards, lesson plans, activities, or assessments are not sold separately.  

FAQ: Are the lesson plans editable?
Yes, beginning in late 2018 I have added an additional file to each unit allowing teachers to have the ability to edit the lesson plans. This is also helpful if you'd like to copy and paste them into your school's template. 

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